Testimonials ...

The Best Financial Structure!

For ten years Jerry Nelson has done his homework. He's researched many different housing options, from town home living to senior rentals to buy-ins, and once he learned about the cooperative concept, he knew it was the best choice for him. "The financial structure of a co-op is the most appealing compared to all the options I've looked at over the years," says Jerry. "This is truly an investment opportunity designed to benefit the co-op members." Financed through an FHA/HUD insured Master Mortgage, locked in at today's low interest rates for 40 years will keep Jerry's monthly costs stable and affordable long term. "I'm amazed at all that is included in the monthly fee, and approximately 50% is deductible off my personal income tax," he adds. Jerry will also appreciate the advantages of a member-owned, member-operated community that is not-for-profit. "I have a voice in the governance of the cooperative while on-site staff and professional management take care of the day-to-day operations. And, if I do decide to sell, my share is sold through the cooperative. I will get my original investment back plus appreciation minus the cost to re-sell the share, which is substantially less than realtor fees and closing costs."

Jerry N. - Urbandale, IA

Location! Location! Location!

Location is what first attracted Roger and Sheila Hartung to Vintage Hills, but it was the co-op lifestyle, and the freedom to personalize their own home, that really got them excited. After looking at other Senior Communities around the metro, only Vintage Hills could offer them everything they wanted: to remain close to their kids and grandkids and to simplify and enjoy their lives while retaining home ownership. Another important consideration for Roger and Sheila was the transitional campus. Vintage Hills Retirement Community also offers different levels of living, with Skilled Care proposed in Phase 3 of the campus. "Although we are comfortable in our home, we have been planning to downsize for awhile now," says Sheila. "Vintage Hills co-op provides everything we're looking for now, and everything we may need in the future…all on one campus, right here in Ankeny!"

Roger & Sheila H. - Des Moines, IA

It's Time to Simplify and Enjoy Life!

A community that promotes independence and provides numerous opportunities for an active lifestyle is what Carol Jeske is looking forward to, and she's thrilled she found it at Vintage Hills Cooperative. "Ownership is important to me, but I'm too busy to maintain my single family home, not to mention, it's becoming more difficult and costly. I prefer to spend my time and money doing things I enjoy and my BRAND NEW co-op home will allow me that freedom," says Carol. While Carol waits for her new co-op home to be built, she'll make good use of the time by downsizing, which she's thrilled to be doing now, during this stage of her life. "I have seen too many people procrastinate and then find themselves in a situation where they are forced to move. I want to be proactive, make my own decisions, and enjoy it all while I'm able."

Carol J. - Ankeny, IA

We're excited about moving to Prairie Trail...

Florida snowbirds Gene and Bev Samuelson were ready to downsize and intended to purchase a condo when they learned about Vintage Hills Cooperative and decided to alter their plan. "From a cost perspective, a coop offers more advantages than a condo," says Gene. "The share investment is very sound and is approximately 50 percent of value." With a floor plan already selected and ideas brewing on how to personalize their home, it's hard to imagine how close Gene and Bev were to leaving their hometown. "We drove by the construction site at Prairie Trail several times and out of curiosity we called and met with Shona and Julie. We had given up on finding anything in Ankeny, or its surrounding area, and even considered moving to Florida permanently. Finding the co-op when we did provided the answer we had been looking for." With everything their new co-op home will have to offer, Gene and Bev may be too busy to head south. However, since the cooperative has a complimentary While You're Away Vacation Service, they can still enjoy winter months in Florida knowing their home is safe, well cared for, and ready for them when they return.

Gene & Bev S. - Ankeny, IA